Monday, July 12, 2010


I have been thinking recently about marriage--the good, the bad and the sad--as I've seen a couple of friends' marriages in trouble lately. Out of respect for the sensitive feelings involved, I won't make much commentary, other than I have seen miracles happen when couples turn toward God to help them solve their issues. You've probably already seen or heard about the "Marriage Triangle", but I think it's a good reminder how to maintain a good relationship of any kind. The closer we draw toward God and the Savior, the closer we get to each other.

I love this particular illustration, because it's exactly what my husband and I looked like on our wedding day. :) Go here to see the original author/illustrator's post.

And here's a video for Em! If you want to see more videos that will brighten your day, go here.


  1. You looked like a stick person??? That is such an apt illustration. DH and I lead a marriage small group in the Fall . . . unfortunately this is usually how it goes . . . four couples sign up. One never shows. One quits after the first session because 'its not for them.' Another quits when we're halfway through because it gets too close to the core of their issues. The one remaining couple who stays wasn't in trouble in the first place, just wanted some fine tuning. Wish so heartily the ones who have the nerve to sign up initially would see it all the way through, it would do so much good.

  2. Cheryl,
    I'm off to look after swim lessons.
    Marraige is hard. I could give plenty of commentary as well on my own. When we are right with God, things are smooth...

  3. I wish I had the kind of marraige in the video.