Monday, March 5, 2012

Parenting 505

"A sweet and obedient child will enroll a father or mother only in Parenting 101. If you are blessed with a child who tests your patience to the nth degree, you will be enrolled in Parenting 505. Rather than wonder what you might have done wrong in the premortal life to be so deserving, you might consider the more challenging child a blessing and opportunity to become more godlike yourself. With which child will your patience, long-suffering, and other Christlike virtues most likely be tested, developed, and refined? Could it be possible that you need this child as much as this child needs you?" Lynn G. Robbins from this speech

Had a Parenting 505 moment today.  And last night.  And last week.  And last month.  I'm about spiced out.  I told a friend today in a very different context that when I realized that the work I was doing was not my work--it was the Lord's work--I could handle it better and be more effective.  It dawned on me that this parenting thing is the Lord's work, too.  I need to let go of my own agenda and let Him in to handle it.  He's the professor of Parenting 505 anyway...


  1. Amen and amen. Anything I can do to help? I do have a good listening ear, if nothing else.

  2. I loved that talk!! I remember totally laughing at that part - I got two parenting 505 kids - I also call it AP parenting. :)

  3. Bless your heart Cheryl.
    You are blessed in so many ways.
    I have a Parenting 505 child. He is my only child.
    I wish I'd have been able to have more so I could know the difference (she says with a big smile, and the knowledge that you do know the difference).

  4. I have 29 students...I wonder what class I'd be in.