Monday, May 10, 2010

Darth Vader, Buddha and Troll Dolls

What do Darth Vader, Buddha and a troll doll have in common?

They all describe my son last month. He was all wired up for a 48-hour EEG and EKG to determine if there was any remaining seizure activity in his brain (or any heart problems). One of the flavors that has added spice to this boy since 2002 is a Partial-Complex Seizure Disorder (yes, it's the same as Epilepsy). He was three years old when he had his first seizure, and he has been on medication since. Up until last summer, according to his EEG's, he had almost constant seizure activity in his brain, even though his meds have done a remarkable job keeping a lid on any outward signs. So when the neurologist told me last August that a recent EEG was normal, I nearly fell out of the chair. I made her repeat it in small words so I could understand. No.Seizure.Activity. Which led us to this 48-hour test, just to be sure. Oh, did this boy love the attention when we went out in public! Here are some pictures in reverse order:

The removal of Darth Vader's helmet
My daughter came home from school and asked, "Why does he look like Buddha?" To which the boy promptly responded with a fabulous Lotus Pose.
This is my personal favorite--he looks like a troll doll. I think he should have blue hair. I also had to restrain myself from twisting him back and forth between the palms of my hands.

So why do I bring this up today? Because I got the best phone call in the world this morning. The EEG was, in fact, normal, and he will most likely be weaned from his seizure meds in the next month.

Oh, how I love miracles. And Dr. Morales. I love Dr. Morales!


  1. Oh wow, such wonderful news! Those are amazing photos.

  2. wow. how exciting is that?!!! totally amazing.

  3. YAY! Great news.

    What a cute boy :D

  4. That is great news! Miracles are wonderful! I loved your thoughts on motherhood too.

  5. I am sooooo happy for Ben, for you and am so thankful for a living, loving Heavenly Father who answers our prayers!