Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Teacher gifts

I just read a great post about giving teacher gifts, written by a male elementary school teacher. He is pleading and imploring parents of the world to stay away from kitsch, as well as giving some really great insight into what would matter most. So if you are still trying to figure out whether that teacher mug/tie/figurine would be good, just say no.

To read the whole post, go here.


  1. I am happy to report, I am not the person to whom he is speaking. I feel good about that.
    She likes stationary and is Christian. And since I know where to buy or make BOTH it was easy. I found the most darlingest post-it pads (her way of communicating) in various sizes, topped with a cute pen and a fabric bow. AND some beautiful Celtic cross cards. Very simple. I bought, not made (don't tell on me).
    I did make the card that my child suffered through writing on. lol Does that count? lol

    Thanks for this though. I love how the gentleman writes.

  2. Thanks for getting the word our, Cheryl…however, I've already gotten my first ornamant and box of "Hershey's Pot-of-Gold" chocolates…I guess I should have had my blog be required reading for my fifth graders.